Sectional Garage Doors Services in San Jose, CA

Sectional Garage Doors

Cal’s Garage Doors is the area’s most experienced garage door service provider. Since our start in 1965, we have grown our reputation for doing top-quality work at affordable prices. Our team has worked on garage doors from every leading manufacturer over the past five decades, so we’ll know just how to fix or install your garage door. Contact our team for more information.

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What Is a Sectional Garage Door?

A sectional garage door is a door that is made of two sections hinged horizontally. Having a garage door split into sections can provide many benefits and can be designed to specifically meet your needs. Our most efficient and economical options for powering a sectional garage door are manual, chain, and motor systems. Our team at Cal’s Garage Doors provides many other configurations such as these to be altered to your specifications.

Garage Doors Services in San Jose, CA

Types of Sectional Garage Doors

Cal’s Garage Doors provides a wide range of sectional garage doors, including:

  • Aluminum Full View Doors: Our aluminum full view doors have many specifications that can be customized to fit a specific industry’s needs. These doors are constructed with aluminum panels and glass fronts to provide a sleek garage door. They’re incredibly durable and are a popular choice for fire stations and other emergency bays as they have a clear view when they need to exit fast. Also, many new eateries have adopted these stylish garage doors as a way to make their dining area more flexible. Whatever industry you’re in, these garage doors could be a great option for you.
  • Three Layer Insulated Doors: These popular options are made with a layer of metal, a layer of insulation, and another layer of metal. It is a great option for garages or bays that need to stay warm, and it provides durable protection as these doors are sturdy. They can also be customized with breakaway panels, integral pass doors, custom graphics, custom powder coating and so much more.
  • Pan Doors: Pan doors are often passed over for their upgraded durability that you find in the three layer insulated doors. Although, pan doors still serve as an economical option for commercial garage door openings. You can upgrade your pan door with vinyl and/or steel backing.
  • Steel Ribbed Garage Doors: Steel ribbed garage doors were specifically designed for their multi-use across many commercial and industrial needs. You can choose options to customize your steel ribbed garage door with insulation and back cover options. Steel sectional garage doors are thermally efficient and operate very quietly with minimum disruption.
  • Aluminum Rail & Stile Garage Doors: Our aluminum rail and stile garage doors are specially designed for fire houses and auto service centers. Their special design is mainly made of glass, which makes for excellent visibility. Glass sectional garage doors are also the most customizable garage door option since they’re mainly made of glass. You can use many glass styles, colors, and different finishes to create the perfect garage door for your business.

Sectional Garage Door Installation

Our team at Cal’s Garage Doors can provide you with the perfect garage door for your business. We help visualize, conceptualize, price, and purchase your sectional garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

Sectional Garage Doors Repair & Maintenance

When you choose Cal’s Garage Doors for your sectional garage door repair and maintenance, you are making the right choice when it comes to caring for your garage door. When you participate in our maintenance program, you’re actively choosing to prolong the lifespan of your sectional garage door, improve the safety of your commercial or industrial building, and protect your investment.

Our expert technicians are also fully trained and prepared to provide repairs for all major makes and models of commercial garage doors, including sectional garage doors. We will fully and thoroughly inspect and repair any issues you’re having with your garage doors.

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Interested in learning more about sectional garage doors in San Jose? If so, you can contact the experts here at Cal’s Garage Doors. We can help you determine the best garage door for your needs and keep it in great shape with our maintenance services.

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