FAQs on Aluminum Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

Aluminum Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

With over five decades of experience, Cal’s Garage Doors is San Jose, CA’s top choice for garage door services. We work with a variety of garage door types, including aluminum garage doors. Check out answers to some of the questions we hear most often when it comes to aluminum garage doors.

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Q: Do You Have “Full View” Style Aluminum and Glass Doors? 

We do have “Full View” style aluminum and glass doors. Our most recommended manufacturers for this beautiful style of modern aluminum garage door are the Northwest Door/Hormann Modern Classic. Our Aluminum Full View doors can be specified to meet your needs and are very durable.

Q: Do You Have Options in PVDF & Powder Coat?

At Cal’s Garage Doors, we do provide powder coat options. Our aluminum full view doors are most often ordered with anodized finishes, but we do have powder coat finish options available. Currently, we are not offering PVDF options.

Q: What Is the “Anodized” Finish on Your Aluminum Doors?

The “anodized” finish involves an electrochemical process. During this process, the metal surface is converted into an anodic oxide finish. This option is so popular because the anodized finish is decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant. With our aluminum garage doors, we dip the aluminum into a pool of liquid that performs this process, leaving the aluminum more durable than ever.

Q: Can I Buy a Commercial Aluminum Full View Garage Door to Match the Trim on My Company Building?

Of course! At Cal’s Garage Doors, we understand that garage doors can be more than just functional. They can be an integral part of your commercial building design. With our expert team, we can match your aluminum garage door trim to match the trim on your building as long as the garage door is under 12’.

Q: Can I Install an Aluminum Full View Garage Door Inside My Business as an Interior Door?

This is a common question because of the sleek design of the aluminum full view garage door. Yes, these sleek garage doors can be installed as interior doors, as long as the opening that it will be placed in can be configured for the door. When you make an appointment with us, we will assess the area and determine if it’s possible in your situation.

Q: When I Replace My Existing Door, Can I Keep My Old Track?

Often, if the track is in good condition and the sizing is correct, you can keep your old track. Our team at Cal’s Garage Doors doesn’t recommend you do this, though, as it doesn’t save much money and the new door will almost always work best with a new track.

Q: How Long Does the Installation of a Garage Door Take?

With our highly trained and experienced team, the installation of your new garage door can be completed in one day. Most of the time, it will take our team about four to five hours, but that time frame can range depending on the complexity of the garage door area and system.

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You can get answers to your other questions about aluminum garage doors in San Jose, CA when you contact the team here at Cal’s Garage Doors.

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