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Trusted Hurricane Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

Extreme weather has the power to strike at the most unexpected times, leaving your home and family vulnerable to the elements. Fortunately, Cal’s Garage Doors provides a way to fortify the security of your property. Discover the protection of a hurricane rated garage door with our experts in San Jose, CA.

Storm-resistant garage doors showcased at Cal's Garage Doors in San Jose, CA.

What Is a Hurricane Rated Garage Door?

A hurricane rated garage door is an impact-resistant garage door engineered to exceed the stringent standards required to withstand extreme weather. These durable garage doors remain strong in high-velocity winds with specific wind load certifications and are tested to adhere to national protocols and standards.

Hurricane Rated Garage Door Inspection

Homes in regions prone to hurricane activity are often equipped with hurricane garage doors as a preventative measure. However, when these garage doors become outdated, they can fall short on performance. Cal’s Garage Doors provides complimentary hurricane rated garage door inspections to encourage maximum safety and ensure your home adheres to codes and regulations.

Importance of Hurricane Rated Garage Door Inspections

The importance of hurricane rated garage door inspections cannot be overstated. An estimated 90% of all hurricane damage in the United States derives from wind entering through the garage door. As such, it’s imperative to ensure that your garage doors are code-compliant and equipped to take on intense winds to protect your home.

Hurricane Rated Garage Door Inspection Benefits

Our hurricane rated garage door inspection is the gateway to enhanced home protection. The benefits of our trusted service include:

  • Preserve and enhance the structural integrity of your home
  • Combat roof detachment and/or collapse
  • Increase home protection to safeguard your belongings and loved ones
  • Greater peace of mind and sense of security

The Features of Hurricane Garage Doors

Hurricane rated garage doors are the peak of performance, protection, and style. With Cal’s Garage Doors, our storm-resistant garage door options offer a number of features, including:

  • Impact resistance
  • High wind load certifications
  • Versatile color, design, and style options


Cal’s Garage Doors offers only the best when it comes to hurricane garage doors. Our units are manufactured with impact-resistant materials and tested to pass a large missile impact test, ensuring they withstand the force of flying debris propelled by storm winds. This feature ensures the structure of your home remains intact while enhancing the safety of your family.

Wind Load Certification

Hurricane rated garage doors call for stringent wind load certification standards to ensure they remain durable when exposed to powerful winds. With a deep understanding of California’s wind load certification regulations, our products surpass industry standards, ensuring our customers have access to the gold standard of hurricane garage doors.

Maximum Protection Without Compromising on Style

Protecting your home should not come at the expense of style. That’s why Cal’s Garage Doors offers hurricane garage doors that boast a blend of durability and beauty. Our hurricane garage doors are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles to seamlessly blend with the aesthetic of your home without sacrificing security.

San Jose, CA’s Garage Door Experts

Beyond learning how to secure garage doors for hurricane season, Cal’s Garage Doors offers a range of other garage solutions. Whether you’re faced with a repair or looking to secure preventative maintenance, our experts have the skills to get the job done right. Trust in our comprehensive range of garage door services in San Jose, CA.

Hurricane Ready Garage Doors showcased at Cal's Garage Doors in San Jose, CA.

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