FAQ’s On Jammed Garage Door

We Can Fix Your Home’s Jammed Garage Door

Customers throughout San Jose, CA and the surrounding communities have relied on Cal’s Garage Doors to correct their jammed garage doors since 1965. We are proud to serve the entire South Bay Area, offering installation, maintenance, and repair services at residential and commercial properties. Among our specialties is addressing jammed garage doors. Our team has extensive experience in the industry, so we can quickly determine what is causing your jam and the best course of action for remedying the situation. Customer satisfaction has always been our priority, and a commitment to ensuring it has helped us grow into the regional staple we have become. We have provided a collection of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but please call us with any others you may have. Our friendly customer service team will answer them or arrange a service visit right away.

Why is my garage door jammed?

There are numerous reasons why your garage door may jam. Some may be obvious, while others might be hard to identify without an untrained eye. The technicians at Cal’s Garage Doors can help you detect what is jamming your garage door quickly. Reasons for a jammed garage door include:

  • Track obstruction – If there is an obstruction in your garage door’s track, it may jam or remain stuck in place. Blockages can be anything from a broom handle to a rock but must be removed to restore function.
  • Locked door – Check to see if you have inadvertently locked your garage door. Some systems have a full lock option that prohibits the door from opening or closing. Flipping the switch may solve your issues.
  • Broken springs – Your garage may have torsion springs at the top of the door or extension springs on either side. If any springs are broken, your garage door will not raise properly.
  • Door off track – Your garage door rollers may roll off their track. To restore function, you will need a professional to put them back in their place.
  • Lack of lubrication – It is essential to lubricate your garage door’s track, opener chain, and springs regularly with approved lubricants. Ask our professionals about such products.

Am I able to fix my jammed garage door without assistance?

We advise against trying to fix your jammed garage door on your own. Though some fixes may be relatively easy, it is still best to call a professional. Cal’s Garage Doors’ technicians are trained to complete highly technical tasks while understanding and adhering to all safety precautions. Garage doors are heavy, and their springs hold a significant amount of pressure, so stay safe by letting our team fix your jammed garage door in San Jose.

What can you do to fix my jammed garage door?

Our team of experts can assess your situation and determine a solution quickly. We will visit your home or office to evaluate your garage door’s moving parts and find the source of its jam. Our technicians carry tools and replacement parts to ensure we can fix your jammed garage door in a single visit, regardless of the issue. Among the most common ways to fix your garage door include installing new springs, reshaping the track, and reestablishing rollers on the track.

How do I know if there is further damage?

You may not be able to discern any damage by merely looking at your garage door’s parts, but our team of experts can. During your service visit, we will evaluate your garage door and all of its mechanical pieces to troubleshoot any further problems or address minor issues before they worsen.

Can you repair damages to my garage door?

Yes. Our team can draw on more than five decades’ worth of experience to repair your garage door in the South Bay Area, regardless of the problem. Cal’s Garage Doors specializes in alignment and balancing issues, weatherstripping, garage motors, springs, safety sensors, and much more. If we recognize any cause for concern as we are fixing your jammed garage door, we will alert you immediately.

Contact Cal’s Garage Doors When Your Garage Door Jams

Garage door jams can be simple or complex problems, but they are nevertheless aggravating. If the garage door at your home or office will not raise or lower properly, trust the technicians at Cal’s Garage Doors in San Jose to rectify the situation. We will send a team of experts to your property anywhere in the South Bay Area for a quick resolution. Contact us today to schedule a service.