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Cal’s Garage Doors has been a San Jose, CA, community staple for nearly six decades. Since 1965, the experts at Cal’s Garage Doors have provided the community with incredible innovation, convenient technology, and expert services. Our technicians are incredibly passionate about providing our customers and clients with the best services in the area. We seek continual training and prioritize our client’s satisfaction and safety. Our services include many things, including garage door spring repair, incredible safety features, and custom garage door services. Whether you own commercial or residential property, our experts know how to serve you best. You can completely customize your garage door from the aesthetic appearance to the function. Contact our team at Cal’s Garage Doors for more information today.


Custom Design Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

Features of Custom Design Garage Doors

At Cal’s Garage Doors, we are passionate about providing you with the garage door of your dreams. Your garage door should meet your needs and reflect your personality and style. With our team, you have many incredible options of styles, sizes, materials, and more to make it your own:

  • Materials – Our team provides several garage door materials. Each of these materials provides a specific look and functional benefits. At Cal’s Garage Doors, we provide:
    • Custom Wood Garage Doors – Wooden garage doors provide a natural, rustic aesthetic to your home and a strong and durable garage door.
    • Steel Garage Doors – Steel doors are popular because they are incredibly durable and secure but provide less of a natural appearance.
    • Glass Garage Doors – Glass garage doors are incredible for home or business owners who want a classy, elegant door to match and accent a home’s design.
  • Custom Size Garage Doors – When you contact our team, we will send out one of our talented technicians to gather accurate and precise measurements so that we can custom-fit your garage door. No matter what size you need, our team can provide it.
  • Garage Door Styles – Our team offers many designs and styles to perfectly match your garage door to the style of your home. Some of the styles that we can provide include:
    • Ranch Style Garage Doors
    • Contemporary Style Garage Doors
    • Farmhouse Style Garage Doors
    • Tudor Style Garage Doors
    • Craftsman Style Garage Doors
    • Mediterranean Style Garage Doors
  • Additional Style Features – If you have a vision of how you want your garage door to look, please tell us. Our Cal’s Garage Doors team can make your vision come to life with any additional elements and features you would prefer.

Custom Garage Door Installation Process

Our team works with many of the best garage door manufacturers. When we have your garage door designed with custom sizing, material, and features, they will begin creating your garage door. Once your door has been shipped and arrived, our team will professionally install your new door with all of the bells and whistles.


Custom Design Wooden Garage Doors in San Jose, CA

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When you choose Cal’s Garage Doors for your custom-made garage door, you are guaranteed precise and functional garage doors made exactly to your specifications. We provide services to the San Jose, CA community and surrounding areas. Enjoy customizable services, guaranteed safety, and affordable pricing when you choose our team. In addition to customizable services, we provide the following services for your convenience:


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