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A malfunctioning garage door can wreak havoc on your day. Cal’s Garage Doors provides all types of garage door, garage rollers, and garage track repairs to get your day back on track. We’ve served residential and commercial property owners in San Jose, CA and throughout the South Bay Area since 1965. Our experts can install a new garage door or perform maintenance on your garage door. We’ve worked with all types of garage doors from every leading manufacturer. When you suspect you have a garage door roller issue, contact us to make an appointment.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs New Rollers

There are a few signs your garage door needs new rollers, including:

  • Excessive Vibration When Operating –Vibration is always a sign of a problem. Your garage door should smoothly open. The rollers become worn, causing the garage door to vibrate when it’s opening or closing.
  • Door Is Always Out of Alignment –Your garage door rollers keep the door in perfect alignment. When it is frequently running off track, the rollers aren’t functioning correctly.
  • Unusually Noisy –Noise is a sign that your rollers may have rust on them or that the system needs lubrication. An expert garage door technician will tell you if the rollers need to be replaced or you need the system cleaned.

Reasons For Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers get damaged for many reasons, including:

  • Misaligned Tracks
  • Plastic Wheels
  • Not Enough Lubrication
  • Harsh Weather Conditions

Cal’s Garage Doors Fixes Your Garage Door Rollers

We provide same-day service, if possible. We will fix your broken or bent garage door rollers through our four-step process:

  • Inspection of garage door rollers and track to determine the issue
  • Suggestions for best repair procedure to get your rollers in optimal shape
  • Suggest replacement options if garage door rollers cannot be repaired
  • Safety check to ensure your garage door system is secure

Garage Door Roller Repair FAQs

Our experienced technicians answer some of your FAQs about garage door roller repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door roller costs vary depending on the service. Garage door wires are about $145, so most people’s services range between $85 and $200 for parts and labor.

How Long Do Garage Door Rollers Last?

Garage door rollers have a long lifespan of about 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Do Garage Door Rollers Wear Out?

Yes! Garage door rollers won’t wear out overnight, but they get normal wear over time. Since they attach to garage door tracks, they’re prone to wear and tear as the garage opens and closes.

How Do I Make My Garage Door Rollers Quieter?

You can make your garage door rollers quieter with a belt-driven garage door opener, changing your steel rollers to nylon rollers, and changing your extension spring system to a torsion spring system.

Are Nylon Garage Door Rollers Better Than Steel?

Many people choose nylon roller tires because they are typically quieter than steel roller tires, and they have a higher resistance to corrosion from dampness.

Trust Us For Your Garage Roller Repair Services

You can trust Cal’s Garage Doors for all your garage door services. Whether residential or commercial, we’re experts in both sectional and one-piece garage doors. We’ll diagnose your roller repair issues quickly to ensure you’re back on track in no time. Don’t let your garage door rollers stop you from having a smooth functioning garage door.

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We’re proud to have served San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas since 1965. We’re loyal to our clients and offer superior customer service. We treat every installation, repair, and maintenance job with utmost respect. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more.