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Carriage House Doors in San Jose, CAThe Carriage House Collection features designs reminiscent of European styles, American country homes, and classic cottages. Cal’s Garage Doors is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of Carriage House Doors in San Jose, CA. If you want the perfect combination of style and functionality, you owe it to yourself to consider adding Carriage House Doors to your home in the South Bay area. Carriage House Doors are characterized by strong, simple lines that complement the traditional architecture and newer design styles. The garage doors are meticulously handcrafted to your specifications. Carriage House Doors are made from the finest materials available. When you choose Carriage House Doors, you’re choosing exceptional workmanship, superior woods, and professional hardware as standard features, ensuring long-lasting beauty, reliable performance, and low maintenance. Get in touch with us to learn more or make plans to visit our showroom in Campbell, CA.

What Are Carriage House Doors and Do I Need Them?

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional garage door appearance, Carriage House Doors may interest you. Carriage houses were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. They stored carriages, sleighs and other items for the horses that would draw them. Carriage houses were the precursor to what we know as garages today. Many carriage houses featured doors that closely resembled those of the main house. They were often made from solid wood and would open by swinging outward or sliding to one side. While carriage houses are no longer used, many homeowners appreciate their charm and character. Many carriage house doors feature arched windows or oversized, iron hinges. They’re available in many colors and styles so you can be sure to match your home’s aesthetic. Carriage House Doors add beauty to your home and boost its curb appeal. They’re a great choice for workshops as they can be made without windows for greater privacy. A lack of windows is also unattractive to burglars who cannot see what’s inside.

Proudly Installing the Carriage House Advantage Series

If you want the best in carriage style garage doors, choose the Advantage Carriage House. This door is truly unique in style and construction and stands apart from the rest. These three-section, seven-foot tall doors feature six panels across to accentuate the vertical appearance of the door. The Advantage Carriage House door is designed to complement most architecture while reflecting the classic elegance of timeless wooden carriage doors. These garage doors are low-maintenance and high-performance. You can rest easy knowing Cal’s Garage Doors offers seamless installation and dependable repair service.

Professional Garage Door Installation & Repair Services

If you’re considering a Carriage House Door, it’s crucial to choose the best garage door installation company in the Bay Area. Cal’s Garage Doors has been proudly serving homeowners in the South Bay area since 1965. We’re proud to be an authorized Carriage House Doors dealer, offering installation and repairs. While traditional garage doors do have their benefits, it’s hard to beat the beauty of carriage style garage doors. The process starts by visiting our showroom or speaking with our team. We’ll help you choose the perfect garage door for your home based on your needs, tastes, and budget. From there your Carriage House Doors can be custom made to your specifications and expertly installed by our experienced team. We’re also here for you should you require repair in the future and offer preventative maintenance services to keep your doors working properly for years to come. Contact us today to get started.

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