Garage Door Maintenance FAQ’s

Cal’s Garage Doors: Garage Door Maintenance Services

Cal’s Garage Doors provides garage door maintenance to Campbell, CA. We can handle complicated and potentially dangerous tasks. Our technicians have years of experience helping customers while on maintenance calls. It’s an investment worth making, as routine maintenance roots out potential problems before they require a more expensive repair. But we also want you to know how to perform at-home care. Learning how to diagnose common issues and fix them – if it’s safe to do so – is a crucial part of homeownership.  Contact us today to get started.

Does My Garage Door Require Regular Maintenance?

Garage doors are just like your car or household appliances: they require work and attention to function. So, maintenance is critical. Fortunately, not all maintenance tasks require the expertise of a professionally-trained garage door repair team. You can pay attention to how the door sounds or looks to judge whether it needs repairs. There are methods for discovering whether the door is balanced or if debris is blocking clean operation. You can add weather stripping and keep the door looking inviting, beautiful, and aesthetically-pleasing.

What’s a Safe Way to Judge How Well My Garage Door Works?

Use your senses. You use your garage every day. The silver lining of garage door problems is they’re almost always noticeable. For instance, a faulty garage door might be loud; it might clang or bang as it opens or closes. Garage doors should open and close smoothly and silently. If the door jerks while it’s moving, that’s usually an indication something is wrong.

How Can I Tell if the Garage Door is Unbalanced?

Keeping the door balanced is essential because unbalanced garage doors have to work harder to function correctly. As a result, they tend to break down sooner. To check the balance, our specialists pull the release handle. Once they’ve pulled the cord, they manually move your door about halfway up. If the door stays where it is, that means the door is balanced correctly. This is a task you can do at home, but make sure to keep all body parts out of the path of the door and ensure you pulled the release handle. If you notice a problem, then you’ll have to call us.

Should I Add Weather Stripping to My Garage Door?

Weatherstripping is a seal that’s on the bottom of your door. When it’s chipped or cracked, you should replace it. The weatherstripping is sold at hardware stores by the foot. It’s easy to do yourself. Just cut the strip to length and insert into the grooves under the door.

Can I Clear Debris from the Tracks?

You can, but be careful. Make sure the garage door isn’t engaged. Better yet, ensure it is off. Once you’ve made sure you’re safe, you can inspect the tracks. Get on a ladder and clear any debris found in them. Preventing buildup will go a long way toward avoiding costly repairs or even a replacement.

How Do I Maintain the Garage Door Itself?

The door is what your neighbors see, so you should put some effort into keeping it looking beautiful. Clean the with a soft brush and inspect it for water damage or warping. Steel doors can develop rust spots, so sand those spots down and prime and paint the door. Keeping the door clean and freshly-painted helps you get into the habit of other household chores as well.

How Do I Lubricate My Garage Door?

Keep all the moving parts in your door greased up with white lithium grease. Apply the lubricant on all the chains, screws, pulleys, tracks, and springs. Doing so prevents grime and muck buildup and keeps the door opening and closing with ease. If this isn’t something you want to handle yourself, then our expert garage door maintenance specialists can do it for you.

What Maintenance Tasks Do Cal’s Garage Doors Perform?

While there are several tasks homeowners can perform to keep their garage doors in tip-top shape, there are others that require the expertise only Cal’s Garage Doors can provide. Our Campbell, CA specialists believe it’s best to trust a professional to handle:

  • Door balance tests
  • Reverse mechanism tests
  • Semi-annual lubrication

Contact Cal’s Garage Doors for Maintenance and Repairs

Don’t worry if our maintenance appointment turns up problems. Cal’s Garage Doors performs repairs on all manufacturers’ doors at competitive rates. We do good work and use factory-recommended replacement parts. If your torsion spring needs to be replaced, you can trust us to use a quality part to replace it. To learn more about our company, give us a call today.