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Garage Door System Safety in San Jose, CA

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Cal’s Garage Doors has been passionate and proud to be a part of the San Jose, CA community since 1965. For nearly six decades, our experts have provided the South Bay Area with state-of-the-art garage door technology and services for the best price. We are passionate about providing the best for our community, meaning we have the most experienced experts, premium products, and superior services. We provide many garage door services, including installation, spring repair, and safety features. Whether you own commercial or residential property, safety features are crucial to include in your garage door system. Our team can help. Contact our team to get started today.

Why Do Garage Door Safety Systems Matter?

Garage doors can be incredibly dangerous if the proper garage door safety sensors aren’t installed. Garage doors are large and heavy. Whether controlled by an automatic garage opener or opened manually, they can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal. The results can be tragic if garage doors aren’t properly adjusted, installed, or used. You can protect your family and any guests or pets when you have garage door safety features. These features can ensure that your garage door doesn’t cause harm to anyone and keeps your system in good shape too. Read here to learn more about how we care about your safety.


Garage Door Safety Inspection In San Jose, CA

Importance of Garage Door Safety Systems

There are many situations where your garage door can turn into a dangerous feature in your home or business. Sometimes we don’t think about what could happen, but many things could go wrong. In addition to installing garage door safety sensor wiring and other safety features, there are some things you can do to ensure that your garage door doesn’t become a hazard. Following these practices ensures that your garage door remains a convenience rather than a hazard:

  • NEVER stand or walk under a moving door.
  • NEVER let children play with garage remotes.
  • NEVER let children play with garage buttons.
  • NEVER let children or adults play “beat the door”.
  • The control panel for the garage door should always be out of the reach of children and any moving parts.
  • The control panel should be at least five feet away from the door.
  • The control panel should only be installed where you can see the garage door open and close.
  • When using your garage door remote, only use it when you are in clear view of the garage door.
  • Teach children to keep their hands away from any moving parts of the garage door system.

Features of Garage Door Safety Systems

At Cal’s Garage Doors, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to ensure the safety of your residential or commercial property concerning garage doors. Our top priority is your safety, so when we install your garage door system, we include the best and most practical safety features on the market. Some of the garage door safety features include:

  • Motion Detection – With garage door openers safety sensors and other safety sensors, your garage door system can sense any movement near the garage door. If it senses movement, it automatically stops. This is extremely helpful when a child or pet may run under the garage door when closing. This prevents them from getting hurt.
  • Auto-Reverse – Auto-reverse goes hand-in-hand with motion detection. When the motion detector goes off, the door stops and automatically reverses. This is especially helpful if the garage door could pin or crush somebody. With auto-reverse, many lives can be saved, and injuries be avoided.
  • Force Settings – Another safety feature is a force setting which can be placed on your garage door. It automatically kicks into the auto-reverse feature if it feels anything being forced against it (for example, something stuck underneath the garage door).
  • Manual Control – Another crucial safety feature is the option of manual control. Sometimes, the automatic garage system may not work, such as during a power outage. Our garage doors all have emergency plugs that are easily accessible. If the power isn’t working and you need to get in or out of the garage, you can pull the emergency plug, disconnect it from the power, and use the manual garage door pulley system.

Garage Door Maintenance Should Be the Top Priority

The last major safety thing our Cal’s Garage Doors team urges you to participate in is routine maintenance. Faulty garage doors can cause many hazards. When you take a few minutes to inspect and test your garage door system, you can ensure that there aren’t any issues. We recommend a monthly inspection of your garage door system. If you see that something is off or isn’t quite working, contact our expert technicians, and we can quickly repair it to return it to safe working conditions.

Garage Door System Safety Protocols in San Jose, CA

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When you choose Cal’s Garage Doors for your garage door safety features service, you are guaranteed affordable and safe work in the San Jose, CA area. Contact our team today to get started with your garage door safety features. Our priority is ensuring your safety. We can do this by providing you with top-of-the-line safety features. Enjoy the following when you choose our team:

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