FAQ’s On Garage Door Replacement Services

Cal’s Garage Doors Replaces Garage Doors

Cal’s Garage Doors provides garage door replacement to Campbell, CA property owners. Our technicians can perform a full or partial replacement. We can install an upgraded steel door with a high-tech garage door opener, and our technicians can do so quickly. Cal’s Garage Doors gets the job done. Most importantly, we commit ourselves to high-quality materials and customer service. We want you to feel comfortable calling our company, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the questions our customers ask us most often. We hope the answers help you make a decision.

How Do I Need to Replace My Garage Door?

Cal’s Garage Doors not only replaces garage doors but repairs them as well, so the first thing to consider is whether to repair or replace. We advise you to replace your garage door if it hasn’t correctly run for a while, is severely damaged, or is old and well past its warranty. At that point, it’s more cost-effective to upgrade to a newer and better model.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional?

You should not attempt to replace your garage door. We understand Campbell, CA is full of proud do-it-yourselfers, but garage doors are extraordinarily heavy. The springs, pulleys, and tracks must all be installed correctly to ensure the door doesn’t collapse unexpectedly. Professionally-trained installers know how to fix the tracks and set up the springs and pulleys correctly. Our management team sends a large enough crew to lift the door safely. Finally, untrained hands will take days to get the job done. We do it in hours.

Do I Need to Replace The Entire Door?

Manufacturers use individual panels to build garage doors, so sometimes a full replacement isn’t necessary. Let’s say one of your kids broke one with a basketball. In that case, we can perform partial door replacements. However, the damage has to be limited to a few panels, at most. If the door is severely damaged, then we don’t believe a partial replacement is the wisest course of action.

What Kind of Measurements Are Required?

While the technicians at Cal’s Garage Doors can take care of this for you, we always appreciate a little extra preparation. Plus, understanding the dimensions of your door helps you pick a door from one of our trusted suppliers. To find out what size door you need, measure:

  • The width of the opening from one side of the opening (jamb) to the other
  • The height of the opening from the floor to the bottom of the header
  • The headroom from the top of the door opening to the first obstruction

Steel Vs. Wood Garage Doors. Which is Better?

It’s a matter of preference. Steel doors are low maintenance, can be painted with latex-based paints, possess more extended warranties, and, with insulation, are more energy-efficient. Wood doors are great for curb appeal, can be stained, and come with unlimited options. Cal’s Garage Doors sells plenty of both, including options from manufacturers like Clopay®, Amarr® Garage Doors, Northwest Door®, and Carriage House Doors.

Should I Invest in an Insulated Garage Door?

You don’t need insulation, but you should invest in it. Insulation is a major player in making your garage door opener more energy-efficient because it keeps outside air from entering the garage. As big as the garage door opening is, insulation is a no-brainer. Cal’s Garage Doors provides insulation installation along with our door replacement services.

Should I Use Torsion or Extension Springs?

Our technicians attach extension springs on the sides of the door. When it’s closed, the springs stretch horizontally along the track. You can find torsion springs above the door, mounted to the header. We’re big proponents of torsion springs because they are safer and balance garage doors more efficiently.

Do I Need to Replace My Current Garage Door Opener if I Get A New Garage Door?

Not necessarily, but there are some restrictions. You can keep your existing garage door opener as long as it meets State and Federal guidelines. Cal’s Garage Doors can help you determine whether you can still use your existing opener. If not, we sell high-quality LiftMaster® garage door openers.

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