Garage Door Maintenance

Maitenance serviceOver the past 50 years, Cal’s Garage Doors has become the go to service for garage door maintenance, repairs, and installation. We are proud to have established a reputation for ourselves in this field. From small residential homes to large commercial establishments, like firehouses, it is our goal to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Your garage door is one of the largest appliances in your home, but it is also the one that tends to be most overlooked in terms of garage door maintenance and repair. As a homeowner, you usually have your home heating and cooling system checked over at least once a year, right? Naturally, wouldn’t it be considered preferable to have your garage door regularly maintained by one of our professional technicians? In short, essential maintenance is going to prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

Garage door maintenance is also going to prevent the necessity of expensive garage door repair services. While most maintenance services for garage doors are best left to professional hands, there are a few things that you can do yourself, in between maintenance visits, to improve the lifespan and functionality of your garage doors.

For example, we often recommend to our clients that they:

  • Clean their garage doors with a mild detergent and soft car brush once every 6 months.
  • Ensure that the area where the car door meets the ground is free of obstructions. Examples of types of debris include dust, dirt, leaves, and cobwebs. When this kind of debris accumulates it can prevent even weight distribution of the door.
  • Give their garage doors a visual once over every month to look for any loose, moving components that warrant garage door repair down the road.

However, there are going to be some garage door maintenance services that are best left to the professionals. For example, garage door springs, cables, and other hardware components are an incredible amount of tension and duress. If not handled by trained professionals, they could potentially cause serious harm to your home or your person. If they need adjusting or replacing, please call us at Cal’s Garage Doors.

Garage Door MaintenanceOther types of garage door maintenance services that we offer include:

  • Visual Inspections – This includes examination of garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and mounting hardware. We will examine each component for signs of damage and wear. Your cables will also be examined for fraying.
  • Door Balance Tests – An essential component of garage door maintenance, a door balance test will determine if your doors are difficult to open or are unable to stay open by itself when raised manually. Appropriate repairs may then be made.
  • Reverse Mechanism Tests – According to Federal law, your garage doors must have a reverse mechanism incorporated into their design. Essentially, this means that if an object or person was to be in the way of your door as its closing, upon touching the object, the door should immediately reverse itself and begin to open.
  • Semiannual Lubrication – In addition to our list of inspections, we also offer lubrication services for door hinges, rollers, and tracks.

There is no doubt that regular garage door maintenance services are important. At Cal’s Garage Doors, each of our technicians are professionally trained and background checked, as well as licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer warranties on all maintenance services that we perform, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your garage doors are a valuable investment, which should last you for many years. Treat them with respect with annual maintenance services from Cal’s Garage Doors!

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